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Google Play Market is a Cesspool of tablet apps compared to iTunes Market

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I go through the top apps in the Google Play market for my Samsung Tablet. I find some interesting games my kids might like to play. Dinosaur Wars, N64 emulator, a couple others.

Two hours later, I get on the tablet and I'm getting taskbar notifications for R-rated bikini girls apps, unwanted advertisements, and app installations I didn't approve.

Besides looking at every single app permission wants to have the ability to look at your contacts and call log, they want permission to send you anything any time they want.

They're clearly going to have to get better at this.

For some reason they decided to be overly permissive instead of locking Play down.

An unwise decision, as you've documented.

Google searches:

android searchmobileonline remove malware

android airpush remove malware

Apparently there are at least 150+ apps that install StartApp without your permission. AirPush is app viral on the market because it's impossible to get rid of and they actually make scamware money on it, so the market and app developers collude against the users. Other offensive companies like Leadbolt and Xapush should be banned too.

Apparently they think it's okay to destructively remove all your home page defaults, bookmarks, and show softporn to kids.

The whole thing is patently offensive.

I'm starting to do research on android security, but who I really want to buy it from is Symantec. If they were smart, they'd build a product ASAP.

While I'm on a rant this morning for things without my permission, no matter how many times I turn my Facebook chat off, they keep turning it back on. Now that's annoying too!

Facebook does that to me, too. That's not malware, it's just obnoxious.

Google, on the other hand, you'd think would know better.

I wonder why Google is not taking this seriously.

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