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Gamasutra - News - Video: The humble beginnings of GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64

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While the game eventually became one of the biggest blockbusters on the Nintendo 64, Hollis said GoldenEye actually came from some modest beginnings.

For instance, Hollis originally pitched the title as a simple on-rails, Virtua Cop-style game rather than the free-roaming shooter that fans have come to adore. Perhaps even more surprising, Hollis revealed that the game's wildly popular multiplayer mode was shoehorned into the game at the last minute, and took only one month to make.

Played it, loved it, played it again.

The controls on the N64 were breakthrough and taught players and game makers how controlling characters could be different.

Turok made similar breakthroughs, but N64 Goldeneye was sublime.

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