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Jupiter and Io - Nasa

Jupiter and Io Imgur

"Montage of New Horizons images of Jupiter and its volcanic moon Io, taken during the spacecraft's Jupiter flyby in early 2007.

The image shows a major eruption in progress on Io's night side, at the northern volcano Tvashtar. Incandescent lava glows red beneath a 330-kilometer high volcanic plume, whose uppermost portions are illuminated by sunlight. The plume appears blue due to scattering of light by small particles in the plume."

Image Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute/Goddard Space Flight Center


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It's beautiful, and hard to imagine the scale.

Jupiter Earth Io Moon scale Imgur

Jupiter >> Earth > Io > the Moon

Whoa, I knew Jupiter was huge but it is HUGER than I realized. Woah.

When I see this image it is amazing to me that Earth doesn't get sucked into Jupiter's orbit.  Or worse!

Jupiter is very far away, and there's an asteroid belt between us.

I wrote a big answer to explain how Jupiter was too small compared to the sun to suck us, but that big planets do have some effect on our orbit, and it got lost because I closed the tab before posting it like an idiot.

Here's a gif I was explaining but I'm too lazy to rewrite it for now:


Thanks so much!!

Kuiper Belt is way bigger than I realized.

Saturn's orbit is wack.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Saturn you had one job!

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