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Where you can drink in public, in one map

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What a marvelous map! Who knew you could drink publicly in Sonoma?

and fredericksburg, texas!  (it's a small town, mostly devoted to wineries and german ale houses, so i guess it makes sense.)

colorado is just going all out on its civil liberties!!

I'm going to draw a spurious correlation between states with open container bans and meth/heroin problems.  Because Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, etc.

Prohibition showed that if you push it underground, it becomes more prevalent. 

Favorite shots by state:

most popular shot in each US state map Vox Murica Imgur 35 maps and charts that explain alcohol

This whole page is fascinating:

i only learned recently that a "shot" was not synonymous with patron.  that's what happens when you've only lived in california, texas, and florida... and spent most of your vacations in mexico!

I am a fan of the Patron Jello shot, I must admit ...

A Patron Jell-O shot hides the Patron flavor. 

Funny that Patron is preferred in Florida, Texas, and California since it is a brand.

The brand performs better than the generic.

like these, geege?

jello shots lime

jello shots lime

I might have licked my monitor accidentally.

Pineapple is my favorite Patron Jello flavor, NOT THAT I DRINK ALL THAT MUCH.

hahahaha!  the watermelon ones look especially scrumptious...

What are those black specks?  I ask because I live in Florida.

chocolate sprinkles... the fat kind.

Ah, nice!!  All my favorites in one place!

Favorite beers by state. Because Murica!

most popular beer in each US state map Vox Murica Imgur 35 maps and charts that explain alcohol

This whole page is fascinating:

whoa... i am shocked by the amount of blue moon up there!

Yeah I would have thought for sure that Coors would own Colorado.

Then again, Blue Moon is owned by Coors. 

oh is it?  i didn't know that, either.

Yes, and Molson merged with Coors in 2005.

i hope everything doesn't end up tasting the same!

That's why Blue Moon gets an orange with it. Different flavor.

oh, is that how they do it?  make the orange do all the work!

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