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Here's How Much Sugar Consumption Is Hurting the Global Economy

Here s How Much Sugar Consumption Is Hurting the Global Economy Bloomberg Business


Sugar may not be so sweet when it comes to its effects on the world economy.

That’s the conclusion of Morgan Stanley analysts in a new research report. They say that because health is a key driver of economic growth, rising diabetes and obesity rates cloud the outlook in both emerging markets and developed economies. Sugar consumption is one major culprit behind such health problems — making it a liability for global output. 

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Diabesity is a new word to me. This epidemic is horrifying because sugar is unnecessary. 

The outlook for averting sugar-caused economic harm is dim. While there’s “burgeoning evidence” that sugar consumption is starting to decline in developed markets, it’s on the rise in emerging economies, driven by trends such as wider and cheaper availability of sugar-laden goods, as well as a rising preference for the sweet stuff.

Sugar consumption rates are expected to continue dropping in North America and Europe as the population ages, yet Africa, Central America and Latin America are projected to increasingly demand the sweetener, based on the Morgan Stanley simulations. Asia shows a mixed pattern: If only for aging trends, sugar consumption would drop, yet an ongoing shift to a higher-sugar diet could push up consumption.

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