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Studies Show Links Between Non-traditional Interview Questions and Interviewee Perceptions, Interviewer Personality

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“Google’s director of people operations once said in an interview that brainteaser questions were worthless, and that they only served to make the interviewer feel smart,” Highhouse explained. “This suggested to me, one, that interviewers often have discretion over whether or not to use such questions, and, two, that the choice to use them may reflect some underlying character flaws.”

In their study, the researchers surveyed 736 workers about whether they would ask non-traditional interview questions as well as measured their personality traits, specifically looking for narcissism and sadism. They found that those who use these types of questions tend to have a general lack of empathy.

Wow, this is the first study I've seen testing interviewers for narcissism and sadism!

That it correlates with lack of empathy makes sense, sadly.

I find this interesting, but not surprising. I have seen a lot of interviewers who really seem to love being put in a position that allows them to make others squirm!

...which is exactly NOT the kind of person any good company should want representing it!

I guess not every company wants empathetic people.

But I'd imagine any GOOD company does want empathetic people.

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