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Valve Is Bringing Steam To Your TV Today. Watch Out, Consoles.

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Seems like Ouya's biggest threat.

How long do you think this will take to play out? A year?

And Wii U? The same year?

2013, the year TSHTF for gaming.

I think Ouya is either going to get major Google backing, or Google/Samsung/Motorola will buy them in. The "Samsung Galaxy Ouya" or the "Nexus Q" which provides the gaming from Ouya. Perhaps Amazon, but you can't read books on a TV --- so who knows?

I think a year. I think WII U dreamcasted itself. I think Ouya will be like 3D printing or -- a DIY hobbyist movement -- until it gets some real console titles; e.g. more than just mine craft. But Ouya has like $10m in the bank, they have time now.

But yes, I think Steam TV just dreamcasted Ouya, but Ouya only needs 100,000-1m customers to survive, perhaps? But Steam TV has the platform +games, so why an Ouya now?. Xbox 720 dreamcasted Wii U. What was Nintendo thinking? I don't know. A tablet that is not a tablet. I mean, who is going to carry around their Wii U Tablet?

Ugh. They can do better.

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