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Did Dinosaurs Have Lips? Paleoartist Puts a Face on Ancient Bones...

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Chicago paleoartist "usually" gives his dinosaurs lips. AS HE SHOULD, I'm sure lips evolved way back in the day. Actually it's very controversial.

It comes down to whether you believe dinosaurs were more like komodo dragons, or more like birds and crocodiles:

“Usually, I give my dinosaurs lips,” Mr. Keillor says. “An animal living in an arid terrestrial climate would have had lips,” he reasons, pointing to carnivorous reptiles like Komodo dragons as living examples. But the oral margin remains controversial.

Thomas Carr, director of the Carthage Institute of Paleontology at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis., is staunchly opposed. “If artists put lips on a dinosaur reconstruction I know that they’re doing so without any evidence to support that idea,” he says, “They’re simply not playing by the rules of rigor.” Dr. Carr considers birds and crocodiles, who are lipless, to be the only acceptable living references for dinosaur features. Reptiles like Komodo dragons are too distantly related, he says, “Dinosaurs are interesting enough that they don’t need to be sexed up.”

Tangentially related, because lips:  "sure god's all powerful, but does he have lips? Whoa..."

The mid 1990s were all about god songs.

What if god were one of us? Then god would have lips...

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