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...She’s been reading Hero With a Thousand Faces, the 1949 book of comparative mythology by Joseph Campbell. On the phone, we talk about porn genres and archetypes. According to one industry consultant I speak with, the biggest boom genre last year was quasi-incest-themed porn. I tell Carter I think porn deals with the deep subconscious. She agrees. “We talk about psychological archetypes, but when it comes to sexual archetypes, people get really uncomfortable talking about it,” Cruise says. She doesn’t think porn should function as sex education, because the visual element can be misleading — what looks the best on camera might not feel the best in life. “Nothing I learned about sex came from porn.” Part of the pleasure of sex, after all, comes from figuring out tastes. She thinks the real problem is a lack of communication.

“People automatically think that I’m advocating that everyone just start having orgies and not giving a fuck and just having casual sex all the time, and that’s not what I want.” Her voice becomes impassioned. “I want people to do what they want. Your internal confidence comes from you. And if you’re practicing safe, consensual sex? It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it with 100 people or one person, it has to be safe and consensual.” Porn, all the performers argue to me, is about fantasy, not realism. It’s a safe space for viewers to explore sexual extremes through performers.

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Yes.  There is room for sex-education porn, and a nice progression of it over time and experience.  But it should have a specific name.  EduPorn?  This seems nice for teenagers:

Cute and sort of related: "A good strip club has to have a theme."

EduPorn...seems like it could be education porn is information for those folks that love education, like history porn...

Yea, you're right.  Have to get past the filters for that.

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