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The casual workplace is making sexual harassment harder to identify—and stop - Quartz

The casual workplace is making sexual harassment harder to identify and stop Quartz


The poll, which included 2,235 full-time and part-time female employees and was conducted by SurveyMonkey, concluded that one out of three women between the ages of 18 and 34 have been sexually harassed at work.

Eighty-one percent reported incidents of spoken harassment while 25% said they received texts or emails that crossed the line, and 44% said that they had encountered unwanted touching and sexual advances.

The study also concluded that 71% of women who have been sexually harassed don’t report it.

A slimmed-down management structure creates grey areas. Start-up culture in particular—with its emphasis on innovation and flexibility in management—may be contributing to this confusion. “It might be that you need that to get rid of the sort of traditional and entrenched types of structures to build companies that can move quickly,” Joelle Emerson, a former sexual harassment lawyer at non-profit women’s rights organization Equal Rights Advocates (ERA), told Quartz.

“But companies need to be a lot more thoughtful about the balance … while also keeping people happy and comfortable and safe and productive.”

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One out of three women has been harassed at work?! That is unacceptable!

A poll featured in  Cosmopolitan is the latest example of this troubling trend, highlighting the extent to which employees—and presumably employers—do not understand what constitutes harassment: when researchers asked women whether they’d been sexually harassed in the office, 16% of those who said “no” changed their answer to “yes” when asked if they’d experienced “sexually explicit or sexist remarks” of any kind at work.

One in 6 people doesn't know what harassment is?!