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You could receive and pay bills in your Gmail by year's end

You could receive and pay bills in your Gmail by year s end


According to a document obtained by Re/code, Google's working on a way for you to receive bills from your service providers in your Gmail account, and pay for them without having to leave the confines of your inbox. The service, currently code-named "Pony Express", is apparently being prepped for a launch in late (think fourth quarter) 2015.

For now, it's not clear if Google plans to work with the Verizons, State Farms and ConEds across the US... though we wouldn't be surprised if they were. Instead, it's talking with the external vendors that print up and mail bills for those companies to see about turning those physical copies into digital ones that could be routed straight to your Gmail account.

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LOL that they call it Pony Express. Not exactly a name that connotes speed.

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