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America’s hospitals: Our system lets big hospitals charge exorbitant prices. It’s time for change.

America s hospitals Our system lets big hospitals charge exorbitant prices It s time for change


This has led to a number of hilariously perverse outcomes. For example, as Margot Sanger-Katz has reported in the New York Times, hospitals have been buying up doctors’ offices, because doing so allows the exact same offices to charge Medicare higher prices for performing the exact same services, because the government has decided that hospital-based care is intrinsically more expensive than office care.

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Outrageous.  It has always been obvious to me that hospitals have been gaming the system and causing much of the runaway healthcare costs.  This a decade or so after the culmination of privatization and mergers of hospitals everywhere.  Many, probably most US hospitals used to be owned and run by local governments.  For a quick buck and an obviously false promise to be "more efficient", we were sold out.  I'd give hospitals a short timeline to become and stay more efficient or lose their investment by eminent domain, priced with a heavy monopoly related discount.

Amen, brother.

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