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Razer to make a VR headset with built-in Leap Motion hand tracking sensor

Razer to make a VR headset with built in Leap Motion hand tracking sensor


The holy grail of virtual reality is presence; that feeling that you're truly there in that virtual world. That's why it was great when Leap Motion announced that it would be making a VR mount a few months ago -- manipulating objects with your hands is just so much more immersive than using a game controller. But in order to use it, you would already need to have a VR headset plus you'd need to get the Leap Motion sensor separately, which isn't exactly ideal. Now, however, you don't need to: Leap Motion has just announced that it's collaborating with Razer's OSVR to build a VR headset with the Leap Motion sensors built right in.

It'll be available as an optional faceplate in OSVR's hardware developer kit to start -- you can still get the OSVR without the Leap Motion sensors if you want. But, in my mind, you'd definitely want it all in one package. In a brief demo of a prototype model, I was able to push virtual buttons and slide around virtual volume controls simply with a tap and a swipe of my hands, no controller required. It actually looks and feels very much like our earlier demo of the Leap Motion used with the Oculus Rift, except now it's all in one unit. Leap Motion says that the bundle makes it easier for devs because they only need to code for a single platform, while consumers will get the benefit of a more seamless experience.

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