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Where exactly is Scandinavia?

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Top Reddit comment:

Is it bad that the only thing I wanted to know was why Icelandic horses are banned from Iceland once they leave?

Here's the Answer for anyone else curious:

"As a result of their isolation from other horses, disease in the breed within Iceland is mostly unknown, except for some kinds of internal parasites. The low prevalence of disease in Iceland is maintained by laws preventing horses exported from the country being returned, and by requiring that all equine equipment taken into the country be either new and unused or fully disinfected. As a result, native horses have no acquired immunity to disease; an outbreak on the island would be likely to be devastating to the breed. This presents problems with showing native Icelandic horses against others of the breed from outside the country, as no livestock of any species can be imported into Iceland, and once horses leave the country they are not allowed to return."

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Reddit on Grey's voice:

the voice is great, but. the. way. he says. words. is. hard. to listen. to.

              Thank you. I honestly find his videos nearly impossible to listen to. His inflection grates on my                    nerves/ear drums. It distracts from the content.

              And it's got to be affected, right? Like, there's no way when he's at Starbucks he says "I. would.                 like. onevanillalate,and IF. you. don't mindmesayingso. a. croissant."

                                   He has mentioned on his subreddit that it is specific to his videos, and knows                                              where you are coming from. I believe he is /u/mindofmetalandwheels ?

It's. Very. Shatner. 

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