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3 Things the Greatest Generals of History Can Teach You About Strategy | TIME

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1) Don't do what your enemy is prepared for.

Frontal assaults against prepared defenses are stupid.

Via How Great Generals Win:

From the beginning of organized warfare, frontal attacks against prepared defenses have usually failed, a fact written large in military history for all generals to see… great generals strike where they are least expected against opposition that is weak and disorganized.

3) Focus on the end goal and you may not need to fight.

Realize that war is no one’s end goal. If you can break the enemy’s will or ability to fight, and you can win without conflict. Think about the politics of situation.

Via How Great Generals Win:

Yet the purpose of war is not battle at all. It is a more perfect peace. To attain peace, a belligerent must break the will of the enemy people to wage war. No nation goes to war to fight. It goes to war to attain its national purpose. It may be that a nation must destroy the enemy’s army to achieve this purpose. But the destruction is not the end, it is only the incidental by-product or the means to the end. If a commander looks at the peace he is seeking at the conclusion of war, he may find numerous ways of attaining it by avoiding the enemy’s main force and striking at targets that may destroy the enemy’s desire or ability to wage war.

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