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Six Steps for Lawyers (and Everyone Else) to Become Better Listeners

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What’s the number one complaint clients have about their lawyers? Uncivil communication. Put more bluntly, we can come across as arrogant jerks. For some of us, that’s because we actually are obnoxious blowhards. But for the rest, it’s because we’re busy, we’re stressed, we’re trained to get right to the point, even to bore in aggressively with witnesses to make them answer our pointed questions. Too often in talking to clients, colleagues, friends and family we forget we’re not in a cross-examination and we allow ourselves to become impatient and rude with those who speak like normal human beings. And that leads to our terrible reputations and jokes about piles of us at the bottom of the sea.Why Active Listening MattersThe solution? Learn active listening skills. Also called compassionate communication or nonviolent communication, based upon the groundbreaking book of that name by Marshall Rosenberg, active listening is a way of conversing respectfully in stressful situations so the speaker feels heard

Active listening sounds like a very good thing. I'm eager to learn more.

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