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"I’m feeling a little burned like [Quora has] crossed my trust line." ~@msuster

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Mark Suster writes:

I personally can’t imagine now reading any article on Quora that I am concerned how it would look in public. Even if harmless. They crossed this line once without telling me. I feel I now need “Quora incognito” to feel 100% safe.

My advice to startups – safeguard your users implicit actions religiously and with it you’ll be safeguarding your brand and reputation.

I feel the same way as Mark. Shame on Quora for telling people what other people are reading by default.

We at PandaWhale feel strongly that you should be able to lurk anywhere on the Internet you want without broadcasting to the world that you're looking at something.

That is why we make all content on PandaWhale available to view WITHOUT logging in.

What you read is your business, not other peoples' business.

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