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Spin Laundry Lounge - An Eco-Conscious Laundromat-Bar-Cafe Portland, Oregon

This seems like a very enjoyable place to do laundry, I would look forward to laundry day :)

Morgan Gary says her eco-conscious laundromat-bar-cafe has been six years in the making. Initially, she said she found herself thinking—while washing her own clothes as a student—that too many commercial machines waste too much water and electricity. Plus, unless you’ve got a machine in your home, doing laundry is a boring chore that can take up the better part of a day. That’s why Gary’s 5,000-square-foot laundromat is equipped with “the latest and greatest” energy- and water-saving machines (including 26 washers, 24 dryers and 3 machines that do both), and offers services and amenities like laundry washing and folding, an eco-friendly soap shop, shuffleboard, Wi-Fi, and a projector to screen sports and movies. Of course, there’s a bar, too, where you can order local and regional draft beers, locally made and roasted tea and coffee, and salads and panini made with locally sourced ingredients. And if you’re all out of quarters, there’s good news: All of Spin’s machines accept debit and credit cards.

Pay via credit card, get a text 10 minutes before your luandry is done, or text to find out how many machines are available.

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It's a bar AND a cafe?!

A laundromat, and a wash & fold.  Also the machines are energy and water saving.  I saw a segment on CNN that said you can text the machines!

Geez all they need is a bed and a shower and I never need to leave. 

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