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There are two main things that change when you're ridiculously wealthy.

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Arrington asked Reid Hoffman, "What's it like to be ridiculously wealthy?"

Reid says it mostly is the same except for two things:

1. Everyone asks you for money. Which sucks.

2. You now fly privately. Which is awesome.

Other than that, life is pretty much the same.

He even still wears the same clothes. Cool.

Everyone asked him for money when he was only slightly rich!

Actually, my memory is that people asked him for money when he was illiquid, too.

Heck, people ask ME for money regularly, and it's not like I have money to give.

Well that's good question....

How should Io live, so that, once I become ridiculously wealthy, the only thing, which becomes more awesome is flying privately?

You mean how to get people to not ask you for money?

Wear a tee shirt that says NO on it. :)

Ok. That's good advise. So while I'm not rich, I will wear the t-shirt, which says "Yes".

Then when I'm rich, I will just change t-shirt and nothing else will change.

The only thing will be the private flights...

Sergey, I like the way you think. :)

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