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9 Hacks To Get Much More Organized In Your Life

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3. Set goals for every day

Try setting a certain number of tasks you’ll be content to accomplish in your to-do list for the day, or pick the most important things you want to focus on.

When you have only a couple of things to do, it’s much easier to prepare for the day and keep everything ready and organized. But when your day is not edited, it’s impossible to be prepared and organized for everything (including the unknown).

Btw I dislike post titles like this because they're impossible to find again.

Which of the 9 tips did you like?

7. For everything you buy, write the opening date on the package

It will help you keep track of how fast you go through products and will solve the dilemma on whether you’ll get sick by eating certain things. After doing this for a while, you will be able to memorize some of your habits and you’ll likely not run out of products without backups again. It’s also convenient when budgeting, as you will know how much of an item you need for a month.

8. Treat fun the same way as obligations.  

Consistency is the key to being organized. If you want to go all the way, have the same system for everything in your life, obligations and fun.

Put mobile phone reminders for your favorite shows and meetings with friends. Schedule personal and leisure appointments.

If your fun part of life is treated with the same seriousness as your obligations, it will be much more easier to remember everything and not favor work when they overlap. That will probably lead to more general satisfaction.

9. Ask yourself why you need to be more organized

If you give an honest answer to this simple question, you might find the most effective way to get more organized, without going through useless tips that are not specifically tailored to you.

Managing to spot the problematic areas in your current life makes it so much easier to work with the problems and keep the rest that might be working great the same.

Depending on your answer, you might find out you have to purge, create a simpler system, schedule maintenance, hire help, or just start writing everything down.

Actually I really like number 9. Most things are not worth being organized about. 

yeah, like number 7.  ain't nobody got time for that!  i'm pretty sure i have never gotten sick from food in my cupboard or fridge.  that's what our sense of smell is for!

For me, less about salmonella, more about budget.  I have hoarding tendencies (like 20 boxes of frozen mussels I KNOW DON'T EVEN!!!!!).

20 boxes?! Do you like mussels that much??

By the way #8 is useful for people who forget to have fun. 

Yes, I like mussels that much.  High protein, good fat, no sugar, three ingredients (mussels, butter, garlic), six minutes from freezer to tummy.  Eating mussels is yummy and fun.

Wow it's like the perfect food! Does it ever go bad?

They're vacuum-sealed and frozen - I'll check the expiration dates when I get home. (They're really good on a bed of spinach, just sayin'.)

Frozen should last a year right?

On spinach sounds even more nutritious!

About a year and a half according to the  box(es).

Yeah so buying 20 boxes at a time is no problem. No need to write down dates. 

Right, just rotate as you buy more.  Rotate the boxes.

Or don't buy more till you use them all. :)

geege, i commend you.  anyone who can eat a mussel amazes me.  of all the foods that i might hoard, mussels would NEVER be among them.  i do have four bars of lindt chili chocolate though....

I commend you for your restraint! Four bars uneaten!

Emily what's wrong with mussels? The texture?

the texture?  no.  i don't think i've ever made it that far.

i can hardly get past the dead-seal smell... :)

and geege, those four bars won't last long!  the minute i open one, it's gone.

I can't imagine the frozen ones have any smell left in them. 

Emily, just mussels or all bivalves? Clams, oysters?

yeah, all of them.  i've tried them all many times and finally decided i don't eat filter feeders.

but mussels are last on my list!

Now that you mention it it's fascinating the rest of us find them palatable at all. 

Adam, I stock up when there's a BOGO.  Nothing like seeing "You saved $60" at the bottom of your grocery bill.

Funny how BOGO is much more satisfying than half off. 

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