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The maker of 'Eve' is betting big on VR and it might pay off

The maker of Eve is betting big on VR and it might pay off


Valkyrie's strength is in its presentation. There's no real standard for what VR games should look or feel like, and CCP has put a lot of work into getting things right. You're given a first-person view, looking out through the cockpit of a spaceship. There are no overlaid maps or radar readouts crammed into the corners of your display. Instead, the interface is the spaceship. Shield levels and ship health are displayed through bars of light projected onto your ship's front window. Details on your chosen target can be found on a dedicated screen above the (virtual) flight controls. Readouts on additional, less crucial equipment sit elsewhere in the cockpit, at the periphery of your vision. It's a system that wouldn't make sense if this game wasn't played on a VR headset, but because it is, it works really well.

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Someone's going to be the first to get this right. 

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