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Art helps nursing, medical students strengthen observation skills

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Professor used art to help hone observational skills. Fascinating detail: art did NOT lead to greater empathy! Looking != feeling. May be relevant for interviewing and training front-end developers.

I'm surprised art does not hone empathy despite improving powers of observation.

That does not make sense to me. 

I guess you never read about the power of the (male) gaze in those feminist theory classes in college, huh? Educate yourself now:

Well that just ruined every movie ever for me. And most works of art.

And now it makes sense to me that art does not bring empathy. 

A better response is "doubling": when you train yourself to see as both the subject of the gaze AND the object!

Doubling seems like it could train people to empathize with being observed. 


Empathize with being observed while observing, yes. Yes, that makes sense. 

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