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Why We Wrote about Dinos instead of Education for April Fool’s | Café Casey

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There's something fun about writing with a good friend. It's our first attempt at great literature, and while we're in the same Amazon category as Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and (gasp) Dr. Seuss, we're still humble and working hard:) More fun stories to come. We will be writing--well, whatever we want, really, but--this is the first of some early readers based on some little people we know. 

The fun thing is that today anyone can produce anything. This is what I try to teach my students. We have nearly unlimited power in our hand--something I never, ever would have dreamed of growing up. It's truly a miracle to be used well. 

Same Amazon category as Dr Seuss is a big win! Congrats Dawn!

Where did inspiration for this book come from?

This is Declan. The next one's going to be Sarah's kids. A pirate book;) They live on a house boat. 

A book with pirates AND dinosaurs would be doubly popular. 

Congrats, Dawn!!!!!

Thank you!!! Having a ton of fun with these. 

Does it take a long time to write?

What? A kids' book? No. I have a vision. I write something. I leave it alone, then I fix it. It is my process for all writing. Generally speaking I have to leave something be for a while, maybe even hate it for a moment in transition, then the vision finishes it up and cuts half out. 

When we set out on this project, we originally wanted to involve our kids. Sarah homeschools, my son hates school. So, fun things. My son says, "Mom, I'm not writing your stupid stories" and "Stop blogging about me!" 

He's recently conceded to sign away the rights to his character if I give him all the money. Jokes on him--today's Amazon's free day! 

Sounds like you have a very good creative process!

I think we all do. It's 1. Do we listen to it? 2. What do we do with the stuff that comes of it. 

I've learned that I always hate my hard projects at some stage. I'm ready to destroy them and walk away. So, editing, revisiting, and seeing with a different lens helps bring them where they need to go:) 

Everything is a work in progress, eh?

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