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Why Your Favorite Snapchat Apps No Longer Will Work: Snapchat Joins LinkedIn and WhatsApp in Shutting Down Third Party Access

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Changing API Access After The Fact Is A Common Practice


Snapchat is not alone in making a delayed decision with how to approach its third-party developer community. Twitter, for instance, had a long historyof retroactively revoking developer access to its various functions over the years, putting app makers out of business in the process.

LinkedIn, too, has been pulling back more on which developers will be able to use its API and how. And recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been running its own crackdown on third-party apps, which confused some who thought they were being banned from WhatsApp itself thanks to unclear reports about the problem.

Step 1: Allow third party apps to gain popularity and get people work on your commercial project for free

Step 2: Steal the work/good ideas from the free workers who tested them for you and include the new features in your official app.

Step 3: Disable the API

Step 4: Get all the users from third party apps migrate to your official app

Step 5: Profit

What a nice business model.

It's scary how they all do it. Facebook and Twitter shut down large amounts of their APIs too.

I think that's the problem of having huge companies led by young men.

They don't have the wisdom to build a fair and honest business, they focus on gains and growth only.

That seems to have made them a lot of money.

I wonder why none of these companies are led by women?

I think it's mostly cultural nowadays. Women aren't educated (enough) to become company founders and creators.

The same way they aren't educated to become scientists.

Ever seen a game or cartoons aiming at little girls and telling them they should become great scientists, engineers and company leaders?

Well, there's this:

But yeah, seems like there's an opportunity to encourage more girls to participate. 

Snapchat pretty much shut down ALL the third party apps. 

Why Your Favorite Snapchat Apps No Longer Work TechCrunch

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