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How one company convinced Anthony Bourdain to shill scotch

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Bourdain represents a new generation of Scotch drinker. For centuries, Scotch was the beverage of choice for a particular kind of gray-haired gentleman who liked to sit by the fire in a smoking jacket with his trusty dog. Then, riding a nascent artisanal wave, Scotch suddenly became young and edgy. In the mid-2000s, old Scotch whiskey brands with difficult-to-pronounce names—Laphroaig, Caol Ila, Lagavulin, Glenfiddich—started showing up in the liquor cabinets of hip, urban twenty- and thirtysomethings. In Brooklyn, a whiskey and grilled cheese joint called Noorman’s Kil opened in 2011; hipsters in skinny jeans pedaled over on their fixed-gear bikes to order $120 glasses of Scotch that were older than they were.

That's a perverse thought, drinking something older than oneself.

Btw even THEY get it wrong. Scotch is whisky not whiskey. 

You have both a Whisky AND a Whiskey stash!

Yes because I couldn't decide which spelling to use. They actually have slightly different posts. 

It's a righteous bifurcation.

I might need to make a Scotch stash too. I get so confused. 

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