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April 2015: Pinterest has 50 billion pins on 1 billion boards... 1.5 trillion annual recommendations. New Pin It Button speeds bookmarking.

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2 million products and 14 million articles saved per day:

The company says that, to date, it has 50 billion Pins on its service which are saved onto more than 1 billion boards, and it’s now serving up over 1.5 trillion recommendations annually. Already, its users are saving a lot of content onto the site daily, including 2 million product Pins and over 14 million articles, for example. With this small change to the pinning flow, however, the company is hoping to increase those numbers even more.

Pinterest also now hand curates its own content:

Pinterest Curates Its Own Content With New Weekly Collections Called "Pin Picks" | TechCrunch

Pinterest bought Hike Labs to improve discovery:

Today, Pinterest users find new Pins on the site in a number of ways, including by browsing their Home Feed or diving into various categories, following users who share their interests, and searching using the main Pinterest search bar, which also became more search engine-like last year through the launch of guided search on the web.

And more recently, as Pinterest has been ramping up its efforts with its advertisers, the company has been working to better position its site not as the time-waster that some of its users think it is today, but one that’s able to reach consumers at that moment when their online browsing is about to transition from being in the inspiration or planning phases, and shifts to become shopping. The idea to be a discovery engine is about capturing users intent to purchase, and then getting the right brands in front of those users at just the right time.


Pinterest’s potential to understand users’ intent is what may make it a challenging competitor to Google’s search engine, which has been selling ads against users’ queries (their intent) for years. Pinterest just comes in earlier – connecting with users around ideas and plans. And when the users are ready to buy, Pinterest’s rumored plans to unveil a “buy” button this year could have ramifications for Amazon as well.

Here's how the new Pin button works...

Pinterest Debuts A New Pin It Button Designed To Speed Up Bookmarking TechCrunch

The goal is to make 50 billion pins actionable. 

They compare the pins to 50 billion ripped out magazine pages: