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11 best uses of bad grammar from The Simpsons

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"Embiggens" is such a delightful word!!

It is! Embiggens is a great word!

My three favorites:

Do all Simpsons go through a process of dumbening? Hey, that's not how you spell "dumbening." Wait a minute, dumbening isn't even a word!

Episode: "Lisa the Simpson"

Lisa writes this in her diary, worrying that she is losing her intelligence due to a "Simpson Gene." But even though she's supposed to sound like her smarts are in question, the use of "dumbening" is very Lisa. "Go through a process of dumbening" is much more bookish sounding than "get dumber."

9. We must face up to the unfaceuptoable

Episode: "Trash of the Titans"

Mayor Quimby's comment on the budget crisis caused by Homer's disastrous run as Sanitation Commissioner is easy to understand, despite its grammatical sins.

10. We've squozen our whole supply! To the lemon tree!

Episode: "Lemon of Troy"

Milhouse shouts this after all the lemons have been used up at his lemonade stand. If we have "freeze-frozen," why not "squeeze-squozen"? It sounds like a completely reasonable antiquated past participle. The form fits well with Milhouse's dramatic, slightly Shakespearean rallying cry.

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