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Playing Exploding Kittens

I ve played Exploding Kittens and you haven t GamesBeat Games by Daniel Terdiman


Exploding Kittens was successful, she said, because it’s easy to grasp the rules, and then just focus on playing, not figuring out how it works.

And what about the lack of big-time laughter at the table?

“I think it depends on how comfortable you are with your fellow players,” Ziogas said, noting that at our table, we were mostly strangers to each other.

“Or,” she added, “how much alcohol there is.”

I’m not going to lie and say that the energy in the room during the test was electric, as I had expected it would be. But Ziogas is surely right in thinking that people will be much more animated and boisterous when playing with the people they usually get a tad crazy with during Cards Against Humanity or other favorites.

As for me, I enjoyed it and welcome that July day when the decks start appearing in mailboxes and I once again have the opportunity to spend an evening with my friends, throwing Jackalopes and Potatocats and Beardcats at each other. Oh my.

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Sounds mildly satisfying but unclear if it has staying power. 

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