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“Also Shot on iPhone 6” Pokes Fun at Apple, Gets Taken Down — Vantage — Medium

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I’ve seen Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6 billboards all around my home of Chicago, and my initial reaction was that they looked really nice. However, if we’re being completely honest with ourselves most of the iPhone 6 population isn’t taking breathtaking panoramas of mountainsides.

They’re taking selfies. Or maybe pictures of their cat. Or maybe even a selfiewith their cat.

This is where the brilliant Also Shot on iPhone 6 tumblr comes in. There are only six images (and a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that leads one to believe that Apple may have pulled the ol’ cease-and-desist on the original blog), but they skewer Apple so perfectly that I hope they create more.

This is cool! Why take them down?

Because Apple can be humorless at times.

Never trust someone who cannot laugh. 

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