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Elon Musk on StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Elon Musk wearing Tesla tee shirt on StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson Business Insider

5 things Elon Musk believed would change the future of humanity... in 1995


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That vintage Tesla shirt is all kinds of awesome.

Here's what Musk said:

When you are starting out in college, in your freshman and sophomore year, you have these sort of sophomoric philosophical wanderings. And I tried to think of ok, what are the things, that seem to me that would most affect the future of humanity?

There were really five things, three of which that I thought would be interesting to be involved in. And the three that I thought would definitely be positive: the internet, sustainable energy — both production and consumption, and space exploration, more specifically the extension of life beyond Earth.

Though I never thought I would actually be involved in that, it was something I'd thought would be important in the abstract. But not something I would ever have an option to be involved in.

The fourth one was artificial intelligence and the fifth one was rewriting human genetics.

These are just the five things I thought would most affect the future of humanity.

Musk has been involved in three of these industries, so far.

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