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Vinegar is a Fat-Burning, Waist Shrinking, Cholesterol Lowering Superfood

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Some of the ladies on here were extolling the virtues of apple cider vinegar, and being the skeptical sprat that I am I needed to see some SCIENCE around it. Turns out a mere two tablespoons of the stuff every day actually does seem to reduce internal belly fat!

Apparently any vinegar will do, not just apple cider vinegar.

In this study researchers investigated the effects of vinegar intake on the reduction of body-fat mass in obese Japanese students.

The 175 students were randomly assigned to three groups of similar body-weight, BMI and waist circumference.

During the 12 week study, the participants ingested 500ml daily of a beverage containing either 15 ml of apple vinegar (750 mg AcOH – acetic acid), 30 ml of vinegar (1500 mg AcOH) or 0 ml of vinegar (0 mg AcOH, placebo).

In place of vinegar, the placebo group ingested 1250 mg of lactate.

To make them more palatable, all beverages contained the equal amount of flavor and artificial sweetener.

The Results

After only 4 weeks, the vinegar-group participants saw their body-weight, BMI and body-fat percentages improve. These improvements continued  in a dose dependent manner for the entire 12 weeks

Translation: more vinegar = more fat loss

In addition to BF, BMI and BF%, waist circumference, waist-hip ratio, LDL cholesterol and serum TG (triglyceride) levels also fell (starting in week 8).

These results can be considered to be due to the body-fat loss because the VFA (visceral fat), SFA (subcutaneous fat) and TFA  (total fat) values were significantly lower in the vinegar groups than in the placebo group.

fabulous.  under the influence of geege, i've been choking down the apple cider vinegar tonic for a couple days (yes, i got off to a late start!) and i'm glad to hear it will actually benefit me.

mine has "the mother" in it, which is the name they gave to the mucusy stuff that floats around!

i love scientific proof.

I have so many questions! Does it do any of the following things?

apple cider vinegar meme imgur tumblr amazing uses inflammation

We need more research...

it does all sort of things for us!  relieves migraines and sinus pressure?

guess i ought to keep on with my daily tonic: 1-2 tbsp per glass of water.  (tastes like watered down really old white wine.)

i need to make a point to start using it topically as well!

soothing stings i have heard but never tried.

the bottle i have suggests using it to soothe a sunburn, too.

Topically it can't get to your microbiome, right?

i imagine not, but who knows?

sounds like vinegar is good for us on the inside and the outside, so we ought to embrace it all over!

Actually, where did you read that vinegar is good on the outside?

on the bottle itself.  i don't have an article.  now that i'm a believer, i go on faith alone.  :)

Well if we're going by that isn't it also supposed to be good for hair?

that's what that bottle says!  so, yes.  time to start washing with vinegar instead of shampoo!  :)

(remember our last shampoo experiment—or rather, conditioner-only experiment—encouraged by geege?  i only lasted two weeks before i couldn't stand it anymore and then... oh sweet failure!  i swear, shampoo never felt so good!!)

It's hard to undo a lifetime of habit. :)

I've been rinsing my dogs in Bragg's to remove any soap residue.  My house smells like a giant pickle.  Which, right now, is better than the doggy smell.  (Poor doggies!)

Also: Why does vinegar work? Because microbiome?

microbiome, yes.  i think so.  (where's geege?)  "the mother" that floats around in the bottle looks very much like a living thing, quietly preparing itself for war against candida!

Perhaps the hero of our Candida story can be named Miss Vinegar?

Ms. Vinegar!  

Probiotics in the Muthuh!  


look at the picture of the bottle you posted, adam.  in the red box it says: with the mother.

she rules the bottle, and possibly your microbiome, if you let her!  ;)

maybe miss vinegar should be called "the muthuh" by her yeasty enemies!

Wait, so that's a real bottle?! I thought it was just an artist being clever!

that's a real bottle.  geege's preferred brand, if i recall correctly!  ;)

but my bottle also boasts the mother:

fleischmann's vinegar with the mother

So there really is something about apple cider vinegar being associated with the mother.

Maybe mother has a different meaning in the vinegar context?

I do love the notion that the hero who beats the Candida is named The Mother. 

You know how sourdough bread has a yeast "mother"?  Same thing.

I did not know that but thanks to your explanation I think I understand the concept.

It comes with whatever birthed it.

Panda, don't be silly! Vinegar is basically wine or cider that fermented beyond what it was supposed to. So more of the sugars turn into acetic acid, which is sour. Fruit juice -> wine/cider -> vinegar. What turns fruit juice into wine? YEAST. So the mother is just a little yeast mat inside the bottle, similar to what happens inside a champagne bottle.

Ah! Thank you, it makes sense. Is the mother edible or just there to get the chain reaction started?

Yeasts are edible but make the liquid cloudy. Also a big dose of yeast can trigger allergies, I hear. Champagne and sparkling cider makers routinely expel the mother from the "top" of the bottle (actually the bottom since the bottles are stored upside down), still wine makers pour the liquid off the top of the yeast mat which has sunk down to the bottom of the vat, and beer brewers often get rid of the residual yeasts by filtering.

Thanks HB. You command a wealth of knowledge!

Sweet! Thank you Halibutboy!

TL;DR version for those of you who don't love science: the people who drank 2 Tablespoons of vinegar a day lost up to 2 kilos in 12 weeks.

The other cool thing about this study is that it's meaningful and immediately actionable research -- but any kid at a science fair could have done it!!! If I were trying to teach kids about how to do a science experiment and writeup, this would be a great model.

Good idea. I wonder why this has not been studied more.pand thanks for summarizing the findings.

CUI BONO? Who stands to make big money from vinegar? It costs like $3 for a quart of the stuff, and there is no patent protection.

Someone could really clean up with a premium vinegar brand. 

NEW LIFE GOAL! Become a premium vinegar maven!

wait, so if the mother is a yeast, does she battle gut candida or join it?

Nature is red in tooth and claw, Emily. Lucky for us, it's not like all the funguses of the world are ganging up against us... they spend most of their time fighting for their fair share of resources among their own kind. So it turns out Candida in fact battles wine yeast (can spoil wine) and can also be kept in check by acids like vinegar (taking antacids can result in overgrowth of gut Candida).

phew!  that assuages a couple fears.  and when i write this children's book, i'm going to have to use you as a fact source.  ;)

plus, i like that you're quoting tennyson.

I'm an educated flatfish!

I am dealing with yeast overgrowth in my dogs right now.  It's gone from battle to war (keeping with Tennyson):

Ha, I never heard of this.

Dear Fluffy’s Owner:

Yes, your dog has yeast.  I can tell by the symptoms you describe: paw licking, stinky skin, chronic ear problems, itchy skin, flaky skin but oily enough to leave a stench on your hands when you pet him, stinky house from stinky dog, and so on.

What your dog is suffering from is Candida albicans, a single cell organism that lives on the lining of your dog’s digestive tract and feeds on sugars in your dog’s system, mainly obtained through a high carb/grain based diet. On this type of diet, your dog’s immune system suffers, however these yeast buggers thrive and “yeast overgrowth” takes place.

What you would be feeding your dog in Dinovite whole food supplements is actually nutritional yeast, something totally different.  Nutritional yeast is a complete protein with 18 amino acids and a superfood containing a whole host of B vitamins, plus other vitamins and minerals.

Just order the Dinovite and LickOchopssupplements. Fluffy will thank you!



Fluffy’s 3 Step Yeast Infection Cure:1. Feed Fluffy a MEAT rich diet.  Choose either a high quality, meaty commercial dog food or a healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipe.

2. Add Dinovite AND LickOchops to Fluffy’s diet EVERY SINGLE DAY!  You won’t see changes and healing by adding these things once a week or skipping it a couple times a week.  Fluffy requires these nutrients to fight the yeast!

3. Be persistent and consistent.  Don’t give up for at least 90 days.  Don’t be tempted to buy poor quality food and skip the supplements or Fluffy will be right back where he started.

Go fluffy go!

tennyson had no idea his poetry was so applicable to yeast overgrowth!

Yeast overgrowths are red in tooth and claw!

leaving the poor canine distraught in gut and paw!


So the Candida story could be about a dog instead of a human?

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