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Mars has belts of glaciers consisting of frozen water

Mars has belts of glaciers consisting of frozen water

Mars has belts of glaciers consisting of frozen water


"We have calculated that the ice in the glaciers is equivalent to over 150 billion cubic meters of ice – that much ice could cover the entire surface of Mars with 1.1 meters of ice. The ice at the mid-latitudes is therefore an important part of Mars' water reservoir," explains Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson.

That the ice has not evaporated out into space could actually mean that the thick layer of dust is protecting the ice. The atmospheric pressure on Mars is so low that water ice simply evaporates and becomes water vapour. But the glaciers are well protected under the thick layer of dust.

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This is an incredible breakthrough. One step closer to humans on Mars!

i still can't really believe we even want to go to mars.  it looks like the sahara to me.

It is both way hotter than the Sahara AND way colder than the Sahara.

Yeah, I'm not sure why so much time, energy, and thought is going into getting us to Mars.

It'll happen eventually. What's the rush? Everyone wants to be first.

might as well irrigate and inhabit the sahara first.  sounds way more inhabitable!

i love learning about space, i just don't think we need to LIVE out there. not now, at least.

once we have figured out how to be useful to our planet, then maybe.  but we haven't even got it right at home and now we want to conquer the solar system!

haha!  one of the comments says:

"'Net Neutrality' is Obamacare for the Internet." - Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is Homer Simpson for science.

No, we'd be lucky if he was Homer Simpson. He's more like Mr. Burns.

that gif is great.

but ted cruz is a bummer.  it's so embarrassing when the US of A goes and flaunts all our lamest folks as candidates for presidency in front of the whole world!  ugh.  makes me want to crawl under a rug.  every time i go traveling, i have to represent americans by saying, "i swear we're not all like that!"

maybe we should start a campaign for mr. burns.  send in the hounds!!

Haha I'd vote for Mr Burns over Ted Cruz! How did he come to represent Texas??

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