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Why Millennials Are Less Urban Than You Think

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When the media talks about Millennials, they're largely focused on white and Asian college graduates who live in large urban centers -- which is to say only the top third. The rest of the Millennial generation are being pushed out to the suburbs and Sunbelt. Great analysis of why it's unfair to judge all Millennials by the Brooklyn/San Francisco type.

Does the media focus on those Brooklyn/San Francisco types because they have money?

Uh... I suspect it's largely because the media ARE THEMSELVES the Brooklyn/San Francisco type of Millennial. And if the cities are stuffed with young people of that description, and you need to go find a Millennial to give you a quote on some story... you're not normally going to hike out to New Jersey or the East Bay to find someone more statistically "normal". You're just gonna ask someone who can afford to live in the big city... which is more and more like to be a college grad etc.

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