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The Failed Promise of Deep Links — Backchannel — Medium

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Hey hey hey don't be hating on deep links! Deep links are still super important!

Good article, although the concept of links has changed a bit.  Also, Android has always had a built-in feature to support a type of deep linking for applications: Intents.  It is part of how Android is glued together.  It is why you can install multiple galleries, camera apps, email apps, web browsers, etc. and have the OS ask you which one you want.  This is used in apps all the time to create a seamless app / web page integration, such as buying a book in a web view and having it download to the ereader app.

I've known Jerry Michalski for several years, although I haven't seen him in a while.  I think I first met him at Tech Shop in Menlo Park.  He and I talked about information management.  That was after I'd decided I wanted to solve it, but was dissatisfied with The Brain and most other attempts, although part of what they do is right on.  I also have Devon Think, but haven't been able to get into it.  And it is missing certain features that I really need.  This area is all unsolved still, although it is evolving and many interesting components are available now.  I have chosen it to be my background project so far, but that may change at some point.

Things like TiddlyWiki have been interesting too.  I see that it now supports node.js and storing tiddlers in separate files, perfect for git or DropBox use.

I'm not familiar with TiddlyWiki. Please tell me more.

I've been using it off and on for many years.  It is a one-page-Javascript app that edits itself and, when it is allowed by the browser, it can save itself to the .html file that it was loaded from.  It is a full-featured Wiki, generally local (but not always), done with just a single HTML file and a browser, no server.  It was a pretty good trick when it came out long ago.

That's pretty neat.

If Android has deep links but iPhone does not, are we better off just sticking to mobile Web?

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