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Terry Gilliam Reveals the Secrets of Monty Python Animations

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I always liked Gilliam's wacky animations, and in this old video from the shagalicious 70's he explains how he makes them.

Gilliam sums up his thoughts on the medium:

The whole point of animation to me is to tell a story, make a joke, express an idea. The technique itself doesn’t really matter. Whatever works is the thing to use. That’s why I use cut-out. It’s the easiest form of animation I know.

He also notes that the key to cut-out animation is to know its limitations. 

Graceful, elegant movement à la Walt Disney is damned near impossible. Swift, sudden movements, on the other hand, are much simpler. That’s why there are far more beheadings in his segments than ballroom dancing. Watch the whole clip. If you are a hardcore Python enthusiast, as I am, it is pleasure to watch him work. Below find one of his first animated movies, Storytime, which includes, among other things, the tale of Don the Cockroach:

Also don’t miss, this video featuring All of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python Animations in a Row.

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