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In Bloodborne's brutal world, I found myself

In Bloodborne s brutal world I found myself Boing Boing


By the time I'd put about five or six hours into the game, I'd transformed from a quivering wreck who could barely pass the very first enemy, to a ruthless killer who could cut through every monster in the level like butter, dodging and slicing them apart with precise, perfectly timed blows. But it wasn't because I had leveled up, or found a better weapon. My character wasn't any more powerful. I was just that much better at the game. I felt like the greatest video game player in the history of the world.

There's a familiar scene in a lot of martial arts movies, where the warrior rushes at his enemies with a sword, and after a moment's pause, they all tumble to the ground in unison. That's exactly how Bloodborne feels, when finally you figure out the perfect attack and a gruesome monster that has defeated you over and over suddenly drops like a rock.

People talk about the moment where the game "clicks," when you're finally adept enough that its carefully crafted system of risk, challenge and reward snaps into place. 

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