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3 Things Psychopaths Can Teach You About Being A Happier Person

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So What Is A Psychopath Really?

First off, psychopaths are not necessarily violent. And it’s not a black and white thing.

They possess an extreme amount of a number of traits we all can exhibit at times: ruthlessness, fearlessness, charisma, focus, and a lack of empathy. Here’s Kevin:

When psychologists like myself talk about psychopaths, we’re actually referring to a specific set of individuals with a distinct subset of personality characteristics such as: ruthlessness, fearlessness, charm, charisma, coolness under pressure, focus, and of course, those signature deficits in conscious empathy. The first conclusion you can arrive at, Eric, is that psychopathy is not an “all or nothing” construct. It’s not a case that you’re either a psychopath, or you’re not. Some people clearly are; those people who are at the high end of the spectrum.

(For more on the professions that have most psychopaths, click here.)

Eric's article explains how James Bond is an example.

Here's what the expert says we should learn from psychopaths:

  1. Focus On The Positive And “Just Do It”
  2. Live In The Moment
  3. Be Able To Uncouple Behavior From Emotion

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