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Pumpkin Spice ALL the things!

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You know it's autumn when a "Pumpkin Spice" version of everything is on the menu.

I don't remember Pumpkin Spice being one of the Spice Girls, though.

Also 655500602.jpg?key=600900&Expires=1347645

Luke, I'm having trouble seeing that image...

403 errors again.

We had that problem with SF Gate articles, but I was able to get around it by setting the user-agent string to look like a browser.

CloudFront must have some kind of setting that lets you prevent fetching an item through curl/wget. I'm not sure how they're detecting it, though.

imgur and Pinterest also both fail. It's still possible to get around it by saving locally and then uploading to imgur, but that's a pain.

I don't know why anyone tries to prevent people from stealing images. It's impossible to stop people. All this would do is make me spend a day figuring out how to get around it programmatically.

Silly rabbits on the Internet don't realize that Trix is for kids.

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