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'Guitar Hero' Returns With First New Game in Five Years

Guitar Hero Returns With First New Game in Five Years Rolling Stone

Guitar Hero Returns With First New Game in Five Years Rolling Stone


One of the biggest differences between the original game and modern version is the switch from third-person to first-person, with Guitar Hero Live showing the band, crowd and stage from the player's point of view. When you mess up, band members will glare and mock you while the realistic-looking crowd, a major improvement from the cartoonish designs of the original, boos until you start raising your score. The game has been sonically designed to monitor where a player is in relation to the crowd and their fellow musicians. Translation: The more you backpedal away from the TV and near the drums, the more you'll hear the drummer.

While the guitar controller bears a similar design to the original model, it boasts one striking difference: two parallel rows of three buttons rather than five extending down the neck. Developers have designed the faux-axe so that beginners only use the bottom three buttons, medium-level "play two-row combinations that mimic real chords" and experts "have a new challenge in creating complex chord shapes and finger combinations." 

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The new guitar design sounds way more fun than the old design.

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