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I don't know why, but I digitized that guy's Charmander tattoo.

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So this will be an in-joke on Reddit and Imgur for 24 hours and then everyone will forget.

If they can.

I enjoyed that blog post!

With the creation of the Charmander Javert gif, we have reached peak Charmander.

javert charmander tattoo gif imgur

Imgur comments:

Wait, he needs his hat.

javert charmander tattoo gif imgur

So. High. Def.

Too much. High. Def. Way too much. :)

Charmander, I choose you!

charmander tattoo I choose you gif imgur tumblr

2 million views on Imgur?!

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments:

Charmander has never been the same since the incident... 

He escaped with his life, but never fully recovered.

charmander tattoo I choose you gif imgur tumblr

charmander tattoo quilt pear for scale meme imgur IJTkjzd.jpg

After 10 months of hard work and being so close to finishing, turns out I've picked the wrong charmander....

Also pear for scale. Beause I might as well be wrong the whole way.

Shower Thought: "If that shitty charmander stays viral long enough, one day that guy will take off his shirt and someone will say 'I can't believe you got a tattoo of that shitty charmander from the Internet'."

Reddit comments:

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