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R.I.P. Blogging, Killed By Screenshorts

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TOO MANY WORDS!!! But now you get to read them in the worst format possible. This is what you've wrought, non-readers.

Screenshorts are the Daisy Dukes of Twitter. Tacky but people cannot look away.

I blame Chris Dixon but apparently Pink and Justin Bieber did it long before him.

Maybe they all just learned it from Buzzfeed:

This just plain sucks:

Are screenshorts slowly killing blogging as we know it? For some things, I think so, because it’s an easier and more authentic way to reach your fans, friends or followers directly on social media than it is to spend time setting up a blog and then sharing out the link.

Sharing text as an image has other benefits too: it helps increase shareability on social media because we respond better to visuals versus text. A test by Buffer found that it leads to 150 percent more retweets than a tweet without an image. If that’s true, it’s no wonder everyone’s blogging as an image.

I found the smoking gun of who invented screenshorts. Semil Shah:

semil shah invented screenshorts as future of blogging meme Imgur Instagram


Semil instagrammed and tweeted this 30 months ago:

I discovered that in a recent exchange between Semil Shah and Chris Dixon:

First off, I am amazed and love the fact that we can track down to the minute something new is created. And that we can all do it.  

On the medium, I have mixed feeling  - being more visual it grabs my attention, and I may need it grabbed, and I can see myself becoming immune to it, maybe annoyed.  I personally love the challenge of a good tweet with nothing more to pull someone in.  For me I like what grabs my attention with the words, a good picture, and I link to more (article, blog, paper, etc).  Reading blurbs in images could add up to empty information calories for after a while.

Yeah, I like that we can track something back to its inception too, Dan.

And I understand your mixed feelings. A few good ones mixed in our Twitter feeds can keep things interesting but if Twitter starts filling up with screenshorts it could get annoying.

LOL, Semil says this might be his legacy:

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