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The 10 Most Walkable Cities in America

The 10 Most Walkable Cities in America WIRED


If getting around without a car appeals, you should head to New York City or San Francisco (if you can afford either). That’s according to a new ranking of the most walkable large US cities by Redfin, a real estate analysis website and brokerage.

The site uses something it calls Walk Score, an algorithm to measure how convenient it is to do daily errands without wheels, on a 100-point scale. It doesn’t take into account public transit systems (there’s a different score for that), but looks at things like the walking distance to schools, restaurants, and grocery stores, from any given point.

“It’s a population-rated average, sampled at every block,” explains Matt Lerner, VP of products at Redfin. “We’re basically sampling the walk score for every block in the city, weighted by the number of people who live there.” Cities are scored by where the population is, and aren’t penalized for non-walkable areas like shipping ports, industrial districts, and airports.

If you’re only interested in a top 10 walkable city, here’s who came out on top:

New York: 87.6San Francisco: 83.9Boston: 79.5Philadelphia: 76.5Miami: 75.6Chicago: 74.8Washington, D.C.: 74.1Seattle: 70.8Oakland: 68.5Baltimore: 66.2

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Not surprising that New York is number 1.

Very surprising that San Francisco is number 2. I don't think of it as walkable at all.

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