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How to Sell to Different Personality Types

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1) Assertive

Who they are:

Assertive personality types are goal-oriented and competitive. Results are more important than personal relationships to these prospects. They might not be the customers you get a holiday card from, but if you can deliver on your commitments, you will maintain a healthy business relationship. Assertives care deeply about the bottom line.

People with assertive personality types are decisive and quick workers. They want information -- fast -- and might become impatient with a repetitive sales rep who speaks in abstractions.

How to spot them:

Assertive personality types speak in declarative sentences rather than asking questions, and in a louder than average tone. Look for animated and confident body language, such as leaning forward or gesturing when they speak.

How to sell to them:

  • Professionalism is always important, but especially so when it comes to Assertives. Always make sure you’re prepared for a meeting with an assertive personality type. If you don’t know the answer to a question, let them know you’ll follow up instead of trying to formulate a halfway correct answer.
  • Assertives appreciate efficiency. Don’t waste their time repeating facts or building up to your point -- cut to the chase.
  • Emphasize how your product will solve their business’ problems. Cutting-edge features won’t impress Assertives unless you can demonstrate why they will be useful to their organization.

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