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Unicorns vs. Narwhals  — Design story — Medium


  1. A Narwhal is just like a unicorn—except that a Narwhal is real and a Narwhal ships. Every time. Narwhals ship. They find a way.

You can recognize Narwhals in the wild because they are sprinting between meetings with results from what they’ve just tested and plans for what they’ll do next. You can recognize a Narwhal, because she is the one who says, “let’s build it!”

A Narwhal builds, ships and repeats. A Narwhal fears no novel approach. A Narwhal understands helpful/useful data, but doesn’t get fooled or seduced by specious, poorly designed tests. A Narwhal interprets negative feedback as a chance to improve, to get better, and to win. A Narwhal self-motivates, self-assigns and self-corrects. A Narwhal ships. She finds a way around obstacles. She finds a way to ship a great product—not just a lump of code. She gets it done.

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"Narwhals ship." I love it!!

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