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Ashes And Snow - A Mesmerizing 2005 Documentary by Gregory Colbert

Visually beautiful, it is an hour, but well worth the watch.  Poetry and animals, beautifully filmed and edited in sepia with a very relaxing soundtrack, perfect for when you would like to relax :)

Narrated by Laurence Fishburne

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Looks beautiful but I will have to wait for when I have an hour to spare...

Hah!  I knew I recognized that from somewhere.  I walk by that every single day in our front hallway and it makes me smile. 

little boy reading to elephant meme pic photo imgur gregory colbert nomadic museum

I imagine he's reading Kipling's Kim, Orwell's Shooting an Elephant, or Animal Farm by the pensive look on his face. 

little boy reading to elephant meme pic photo imgur tumblr ashes and snow gregory colbert nomadic museum

I think before the film it started as a traveling tour of photographs, maybe that's where your piece came from ;)

Greg's right -- that photo is mesmerizing.

Best flying elephants since Dumbo.

The full film was taken down, so had to find some replacements ;)

I appreciate your doing that, Janill!

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