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Mysticism, Kabbalah, and Science

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  Kabbalism is more extremely iconoclastic than science. Studying Torah and particularly Kabbala demand continual readiness to accept and grapple with what is not understood or expected. This forces the mind open. Even to begin understanding Kabbalistic concepts, one must have explored and questioned reality to a great extent, besides attaining a high degree of objectivity and intellectual depth. Arrival at a mystical perspective requires scrutiny of usually unconscious assumptions underlying one's outlook. This process can be painful and threatening. Exploring the psyche, the spiritual pathway connecting one's being-in-the-world with one's spiritual root, requires extreme honesty. Usually, advance in these matters occurs by undermining lower levels to expose higher states. What emerges often differs from what one anticipated, learning about them. Mystical development, then, is more extremely iconoclastic than science. 

Sounds like a lot of work, actually. 

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