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A Private Office Pod That'll Help You Find Your Work Flow | WIRED

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Nice, finally they are thinking clearly about what we need, about 30 years late.

How is it 30 years late? At least you can get one now, right?

When Steelcase started on Brody, the design team began by thinking about escape and focus in broad terms. Steelcase has explored this territory before: Last year the company worked with famous introvert Susan Cain (author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking) to create five modern office spaces that maximize productivity by offering privacy.

I have been in annoying offices for over 30 years.  ;-)  We apparently had to wait for a couple demi-generations to go by before we gained enough flexibility.

I still don't get a sense from the article of how much it costs or where to buy one.

Probably: A lot.  And as soon as they build it after seeing enough interest on PandaWhale.

Ha! Okay so for now they still need to be custom made. That makes sense.

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