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What percentage of your country smokes marijuana?

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Papua New Guinea: A Reefer's Paradise

With 29.5% of residents reporting to smoke cannabis at least once per year (and as much as 56% of residents aged 15 to 20 years old), Papua New Guinea leads the list.

According to a historical study conducted by the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research, marijuana plants were first brought into the country by Australians after World War II, and have since been “integrated into community life.” Today, cannabis grows wild in the highlands (no pun intended), where fertile soils and high altitude suit the crop well.

There are a number of social and cultural factors that drive cannabis consumption in Papua New Guinea. It is not only plentiful and much cheaper than commercially imported alcohols, but is used to build a “collective solidarity and increase in trust consumers to facilitate sociality.” A series of interviews in 2007 revealed that the drug was “an important part of social identity and belonging, and there was little shame expressed in [using it].” Beyond this, it is also used as a “labour give the user energy and motivation,” as well as a muscle relaxant after a long day of work.

Where in the world is New Guinea?! Sounds like a wonderful place!

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