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The mental health consequences of a high IQ

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Intelligence correlates with anxiety.

Brainiacs, beware. Having the kind of active brain associated with high intelligence may also lead to stress and anxiety, according to recent research.

The study reported that college students with high verbal intelligence — in other words, people skilled at listening, remembering conversations and understanding spoken or written words — are often more likely to worry about everyday life events than their less-gifted peers.

As Slate noted in a recent piece reviewing connections between mental well-being and IQ levels, "the idea that worriers are cannier than average may just seem to make sense — a worried mind is a searching mind, and smarter people may have the cognitive agility to examine multiple angles of any situation."

Smarter people can envision all sorts of worst-case scenarios, falling short of the "go with the flow" mentality displayed by more relaxed people.

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