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Marble Soda Live Mashup by Shawn Wasabi and Mel Kirk Randommel Video Collection

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Shawn Wasabi soundcloud:

His creative process:

Shawn Wasabi explains how Marble Soda is performed:

alright! so there are 5 buttons in the bottom row that trigger sound bank changes. Ableton Live has a 'chain selector' that can be mapped to a MIDI message. this is what the selection of banks looks like on my screen:

pressing the button on the very bottom left triggers it to switch to the next bank of sounds. (if you notice, I always press that button in between large sections)

the 4 buttons on the bottom right trigger banks WITHIN the banks. (I press those 4 buttons in between little sections within the large sections)

I just remember how my hands move instead of remembering what each button sounds like. a lot easier that way :)

hope this explains!

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